In our souvenir shop you can buy unique, useful and beautiful gifts of arctic character. The Polaria shop is an original gift and souvenir shop with a wide variety of local crafts, seal products, books, toys and other souvenirs related to our theme. The intention of the gift shop at Polaria is to present and sell handcraft from the Barents- and arctic regions. The handcraft shows what kinds of traditional handcraft-production people in these regions do, and how different materials are being used. The Polaria shop has become a popular gift shop, for example for seminar-organizers in need of gifts for lecturers and guests.


Northern lights silk scarf

08. October 2014

Beautiful silk scarf with aurora motive.


Svalbard, Arctic Wilderness

09. March 2010

The best shots from the panoramic filmshow at Polaria with the original film music. (Bonus materiale incuded)


Northern lights

09. March 2010
See the fantastic Northern lights above Polaria and enjoy the beautiful music.