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Pole to Paris - and back again

Lørdag 10. juni kl. 13.00 kan du få møte Erlend Moster som løp fra Polaria i Tromsø til Paris i forkant av FN's Klimamøte i 2015. Hvordan forløp turen, og hva har skjedd etter det? Kom på Polaria på lørdag, og du får svar.

Tredje august 2015 startet Erlend Moster på en episk løpetur fra Polaria i Tromsø til Paris for å skape bevissthet rundt klimaendringene i forkant av FN's klimamøte i Paris. Hvordan var løpeturen, og hva er skjedd etter det?? Nå kommer Erlend tilbake til Polaria for å fortelle hvordan det gikk.

Foredraget er lørdag 10. juni kl. 13.00 på Polaria, og blir på engelsk! Vanlig billettpris for Polaria.

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What makes two young climate scientists run and cycle 13,000 km across half the planet?

Frustrated by the lack of climate action despite the available research, Dr. Daniel Price and Dr. Erlend Moster Knudsen left their offices and took off on an epic journey. Their goal? To raise awareness of climate changes in general and the climate summit in Paris 2015 in particular. How? By cycling 10,000 from Christchurch, New Zealand, and running 3000 km from Tromsø, Norway, respectively, to the French capital.

Along the way, the two held talks in schools, universities and at open events, while also making the information easily understandable and accessible through conventional and social media. The nature of their transport modes - a bicycle and running shoes - facilitated two-way interaction, as well as the sharing of stories from people experiencing climate change first-hand.

Pole to Paris was a crazy idea - and that is why it worked. This Saturday June 10th at 13:00, Knudsen - the runner - is back at Polaria in Tromsø, nearly two years since he set off for Paris from here. He will talk about his experiences along the way, the outcome of it, as well as what challenges we as society are facing today.

Erlend Moster Knudsen is a Norwegian climate scientist and communicator. He received his PhD within Arctic climate dynamics in March 2015. He is currently working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cologne and as the deputy director of Pole to Paris.

Meet Erlend Moster at Polaria Saturday the 10th of June at 13.00!

Les om forrige gang vi hadde besøk av Erlend her: http://www.polaria.no/pole-to-paris-paa-polaria-3-august.5778405-156649.html