Svalbard Panorama

Panoramic Films

5 projectors project the film on a 21 metre wide and 3.2 metre high screen. There are 175 seats in the cinema, which is specially formed for viewing this type of panoramic film. After the film, the public are led through to the "Arctic trail" experience and through to the aquarium. In between showings there is a screen presentation of Polaria and the Norwegian Polar Institute, as well as pictures from a "live" underwater camera in the seal pool.

The panoramic films "Svalbard - Arctic Wilderness" (14m 50s) and "Northern Lights in Arctic Norway" is shown every 30 minutes during opening hours, but not during the training and feeding of the seals.

"Svalbard - Arctic Wilderness" The little auk, a small species of bird that lives on Svalbard, takes us from the south, along the west coast, up to 81 degrees north. Along our journey over Spitsbergen, the largest of the islands that make up Svalbard, we call at Longyearbyen, Ny-Ålesund, Magdalenafjord and Virgohamn. Breathtaking helicopter scenes, close-ups of animals and plants and underwater scenes give a fantastic insight into the natural surroundings of Svalbard, all the way up to 81 degrees north, where few people have ever been.

"Northern Lights in Arctic Norway" "Northern Lights in Arctic Norway" is as the title suggests, a panoramic film of the northern lights over Tromsø and the areas around. First there are some animated facts about the phenomenon, then there is a sequence filmed by NASA showing northern lights over earth filmed from the sky. The main part is the northern lights filmed in, and around, Tromsø Playing time: 8,5 minutes. Trailer "Northern Lights in Arctic Norway"