The aquariums

Interactive aquatic exhibitions:

Get intimate with the marine animals by touching them. Make your own waves, and study the maelstrom.

Experience closeness to the life in the ocean.

Coldwater fishes:

The aquarium in Polaria wishes to display fishes and marine animals living in the northern oceans. Here you can see most species living in the waters around Tromsø and northwards. The waters along the coast here in the north are called the Atlantic waters. These waters are brought north by the Gulf Stream. The Atlantic waters stream along the Norwegian coast and into the Barents Sea. To make our animals thrive, the temperature in the aquariums has to be as close to the natural temperature as possible. In periods we have to cool down the seawater we pump in, and we monitor the water so that it never exceeds 6 degrees C throughout the year.
Arctic aquariums:

From the Norwegian coast, up to the Barents Sea and towards Svalbard, the ocean is filled with cold arctic waters. Most fishes have a preferred temperature in witch they thrive. Therefore the composition of species will change when you enter colder arctic waters. Here in Polaria you have the possibility to study fishes caught in the Barents Sea and around Svalbard. To make these animals thrive, we cool down the water in the tanks, so that it has a temperature of ca. 1 �C throughout the year.